14 10 / 2011

Pioneer, whose AV receiver VSX-1021-K I own, thinks subwoofers are needless. How else can they explain why my receiver not sending any signal to my sub?

When I tried connecting my new Polk PSW10 subwoofer to the AVR and play something, I wasn’t getting any bass. Zero. I kneeled and leaned my ear over to the sub but I hear nothing. How could this be? I had just tested the sub using Pioneer’s fancy “Speaker Setup” program and it detected the sub, made it run a few drills to “optimize my experience” and said it was OK. 

Turns out, the AVR determined my Polk Monitor 60 Series II floorstanding front speakers to be ‘LARGE’ (which they are, by the way) in which case it won’t send out any signal to the subwoofer. Once I changed the speakers to ‘SMALL’, it all started worked fine and the PSW10 pumped some bass. (good bass!)

This is just wrong. ‘LARGE’ speakers might not provide adequate bass. What then? Can’t I use a sub along with them? Pioneer, bad.

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